Strategic Tax Mastery with Tailored  Advice for Individuals and Businesses to Optimize Your Financial Growth

Experience personalized business and personal tax expertise, accounting assurance, and virtual tax services.

Benefit from my experience and reliability as a sole practitioner CPA accountant. I work directly with you on all your business needs, providing top-notch financial statement preparation. Contact me now to elevate your financial journey with tailored solutions crafted just for you.

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Personalized Guidance in Real-Time

Experience the power of direct collaboration. I work directly with you, addressing your business needs promptly and effectively. With personalized attention, we navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Strategic Decision-Making Support

Elevate your decision-making with regular, insightful data. My commitment extends beyond numbers; I provide you with actionable information monthly, empowering you to make informed business decisions with confidence.

Reliability When It Matters

Count on a reliable partner who is there for you when uncertainties arise. I am your go-to advisor, ensuring you have someone to turn to for advice and assistance. I focus on fostering a relationship built on trust.

Minimize Complexity, Maximize Results

Say goodbye to dealing with multiple individuals for your financial needs. I simplify the process, reducing complexity and becoming your single point of contact for all things financial.


Personal Services

Discover a new level of ease with my personalized personal services, including income tax services, trust and estate planning, tax planning, and virtual income tax filing. I handle the complexity of your financial matters, ensuring you receive the best returns while enjoying peace of mind.

  • Expert Tax Preparation
    Trust my expertise for seamless tax filing, minimizing payable taxes, or maximizing refunds with personalized advice.
  • Strategic Tax Planning
    Navigate tax intricacies strategically, aligning financial goals seamlessly with tax strategies.
  • Virtual Income Tax Filing
    Embrace convenience with secure virtual filing from the comfort of your home, modernizing your tax experience.
  • Trust and Estate Planning
    Safeguard your legacy with comprehensive planning, ensuring assets align with your wishes.
  • Personalized Financial Guidance
    Receive tailored financial advice for informed decision-making, guiding you every step of the way.

Business Services

Explore a suite of business services designed to optimize your financial standing. From tax preparation and financial statement preparation to assurance services, tax planning, consulting, and bookkeeping with payroll services—I offer a tailored approach to meet your business needs.

  • Expert Tax Preparation
    Entrust your tax preparation to me for optimal returns, minimizing taxes payable or maximizing refunds.
  • Financial Statement Mastery
    Enhance your decision-making with carefully prepared financial statements and assessing your business's financial health.
  • Assurance Services for Confidence
    Choose from compilation, review, or audit engagements for the desired level of assurance. Gain confidence in your financial information, meeting the needs of third parties such as creditors.
  • Effortless Bookkeeping and Payroll
    Free up valuable time by allowing me to handle your business's books and payroll. This ensures owners can focus more on their core operations, fostering business growth.
  • Strategic Tax Planning
    Plan for the upcoming tax filing year with my expert guidance. I work with clients to optimize their filing positions and ensure they are well-prepared for tax obligations.
  • Tailored Consultation
    Engage in meaningful discussions about your business needs and benefit from custom solutions that align with your requirements. I'm here to guide you toward sustained success.

Paul Martin, CPA provides tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services across Saint John, New Brunswick; St. George, New Brunswick; Fredericton; Moncton; Shediac; Dieppe.